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Cream Puff

The reason for bought this thing is.. no other reason than BAKING =) Im so in love with baking and terpaksa pendam minat sbb semester akhir yg busy with final year project. So x sempat sgt nak ushar2 apa yg best and menarik untuk di bake.
SO skrg ni da hbs study rajin balik tp dengan pelbagai lg jenis kek n dessert yang blom penah bwat hihi.. Today lepas blk kerja ke (10 malam) trus bancuh adunan semua.. Letih mmg letih sakit kaki kot.. huhu.. Tapi sebab nak sgt buat CREAM PUFF, ku gagahkan jua..

Alhamdulillah it goes well. Even the custard cream yg I asked my old sis untuk tolong buat ikot mcm resipi org tu bwat x menjadi. Rasa tepung yaiksss.. Ramai kata resipi tu sedap la senang bwat la. Then geram.. buat la balik custard cream ikot resipi len.. X guna microwave juz atas api je..
Ponat den da ah bancuh bahan utk puff dye, custard cream pon kene wat gak.. Pastu alasan cik wani tu, "Tangan wani mmg xleh jadi.." Salahkan tangan dye lak =,= Tapi dye ni kalo bab wat kerja mmg…

Moist Chocolate Cupcake and a Date

2 days ago, I just made Moist Chocolate Cupcake. At first, I want to bake a whole cake but then it would be nicer if I just put it in a small cup =)

Cupcakes in a jar.. Is this thing called JAR? I dun know.. and it is for him <3 Just made it and gave it to him yesterday after meeting him..
The reason why I baked CHOCOLATE flavor cake even I am not into  chocolate cake is because of him. I remembered him saying that he loves chocolate cake.. and anything that is chocolate lah =)

I bought MAKE UP REMOVER WET TISSUE at DAISO. So cute and there's a lot of thing that I would like to buy but then my heart says  "Hanun enough.. you owe 50 bucks from ur mom oredi meh"
Am wearing a flowery blouse with maxi skirt and then he said after giggling for a while,  "Siyes comel gila awk pakai mcm ni.. pakai cmni slalu taw"
P/s :-  You're cuter my dear.. (Cute kerrr awk durhhh..)

Ini Kerjanya

Patot lah rase xmo tdo je ni keje diorang hah.. 
Imagine this is your little brother.. I cried when I read the statement, "and ALL THOSE COUNTRIES WHO SUPPORTED THE ISRAELIS" We are consider supporting the Israel when using their products.
May Allah swt save the Muslim people from the entire world neither harm nor danger..


I need money so badly. So I am doing a part time job at shopping mall as a .........?
I dont know exactly what is my position btw.
I was paid for RM4/hour. For full time, the total hours is 10 and part time is 7 hours.
Mostly I can hold for 7 hours in there =,=

Gimme a work dont let me drown in my daydream..
Remembered when I was doing my Internship at SONY previously, I am so hell bored by sitting on my chair when Im not even doing any single job. Not even Internet is provided to me as I was a trainee and even there was a wifi, FB, YouTube, Twitter is not allowed and blocked.

I walk to them (the MQ members) and asked, "If there is any work for me?"
LOL. But if there is a WORK, I need to walk around, and took the parts, broken item, inspection item, to deliver the items, went to South Plant and what so ever ~ It was some kind of interesting job. But if there is no job, I need to do something that would entertain my self and wait til 5.30 pm

Okay back to the topic,

My current…