Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Engineers In High Demand on 2011

Engineers In-Demand Among Dominant Companies 

In the U.S., students studying engineering are positioning themselves to succeed amid an exceedingly competitive market. "Overall opportunities for engineers are expected to be good," and "starting salaries are among the highest of all college graduates," according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While many U.S. college graduates are struggling to find work, engineers are thriving. Some of the most popular companies in the world, such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Twitter, are actively seeking to add engineers to their workforces, and they are luring them with competitive benefits packages, exceedingly high starting salaries and amazing perks.

Engineering Job Outlook 

In its "2011 Job Outlook" report, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) concluded that along with those in computer science and other technical fields, "engineering majors . . . are most in demand at the bachelor's degree level." The findings are significant, experts say, as NACE's annual report is often regarded as a harbinger of future job prospects because the organization polls employers across the U.S., asking them what kinds of workers they will hire over the coming years.

As a whole, the U.S. Department of Labor expects engineering jobs to surge 11 percent through 2018, while many other fields are forecast to contract. NACE further delineated among what kinds of engineers rank at the top of businesses' wish lists, and projections from BLS analysts and economists corroborate their assertions.
The following specialities were chosen based on their projected demand over the coming decade, as well as the average salary such engineers will command.
1. Electrical EngineersIndustry experts project electrical engineers will experience the most success in the U.S. labor market over the coming years. Tasked with developing, designing, testing and supervising the production of electric equipment, electrical engineers are highly coveted by companies like Siemens and General Electric. At $87,770, according to NACE, their average salary is tops among all engineers as well.

2. Mechanical EngineersThe demand for mechanical engineers is primed to jump precipitously over the next decade. As businesses increasingly work to improve technological efficiency, they are seeking out mechanical engineers, who develop, process and test materials used to create everything from computer chips to snowboards. What's more, NACE calculates their average salary at a whopping $82,480.

3. Civil EngineersAs the U.S. works to improve its infrastructure and prepare major metropolitan hubs like New York City for population surges, those with degrees in civil engineering are in demand. Civil engineers design and supervise the construction of roadways, buildings, airports, tunnels and other major transportation networks, and government forecasts civil engineers to have employment growth of 24 percent over the decade. They command an average salary of $82,280.

4. Biomedical EngineersBiomedical engineers combine their knowledge of biology, medicine and engineering to develop improved healthcare devices and procedures, and as a result of pharmaceutical and biotech firms' increased emphasis on cost-effectiveness, the government projects biomedical engineers to have employment growth of a whopping 72 percent over the next decade. They command a high salary in excess of $80,000, but they often need graduate degrees to work in research laboratories and other advanced facilities.

5. Environmental EngineersForecast to experience employment growth of 31 percent over the coming decade, environmental engineers are needed to help companies comply with environmental regulations, as well as to ensure cleanup of hazardous wastes is conducted properly. As businesses shift their attention away from controlling existing problems to preventing them from occurring, environmental engineers stand to benefit.

Friday, September 21, 2012


  • Degree

  • Job?

  • Flawless skin 

  • Whiten skin

  • Soften my foot sole skin

  • Slimmer hahaha..

  • Talk less = HARD!!

  • To be a GOOD MUSLIMAH indeed :)

  • Save more money

  • To marry the one that <3 me 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to make your blog looks cool..

Pandai2 lah men ngn HTML coding.. you dont have to gain a diploma.
Learn it from internet and you'll get the result.. haha.. study la coding tu sampai lebam..

Kalo nak template org len tu.. right click and choose VIEW PAGE SOURCE. Haha..
Skill kena ada.. kalo org tu dye disable kte dari amek ayat terutama masa kte na amek lirik lagu ke.. gna je cara ni.. hoho..

Sorry sy pon x pandai sgt.. bole lew ckit2 btolkan blog template yg biol.. sbb bnyak template yg kte jmpa mmg lawa tp ada je yg x kena dgn citarasa.. ada yg xde sidebar la, dye hide followers.. hide archives.. so kalo korg paham maen HTML maka konpem la korg phm cmne nak fix bnda tu.. it took tyme.. selalu nya bole seap la dlm beberapa jam.. lg byk error lg lama la ko ngadap..

Takat ni aku xde na tukar template lg. Siyesly yg this one pun makan masa na fix jd cmni.. actually template ni syes sgt simple before then aq touch up ckit bg sng aku na tekan2.. ok laa. HTML ni ada topic dye lam Multimedia tp x blaja sgt pon.. dye fokus kat photoshop, buat video.. sume bnda yg aq dah bwat dlu wktu sekolah =,=  kalo Elektrikal thingy to mmg kene la blaja tggi.. tp x berkesempatan sbb byk gak blaja programming which i really NOOB.. HTML bkn programmg ke? Oh ok.. malas na ckp.. kalo soh wat blog mmg ah suka.. website ke.. :P

Anyway bubyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Saturday, September 15, 2012


It's not only for engineering student but to all student of course :)

Succes is not final,
Failure is not fatal,
It is the COURAGE to continue that counts :)

“Dikahwini wanita itu (untuk dijadikan isteri) kerana empat perkara iaitu harta kekayaannya, keturunannya, kecantikannya dan agamanya.  
Maka utamakanlah (dalam pemilihanmu itu) wanita yang 
KUAT BERAGAMA, nescaya sejahtera hidupmu”

Suami yang hidup dalam 

kefasikan  bermakna mengundang murka Allah SWT.  

Jika Allah SWT sudah murka, bagaimanakah rahmat dan keberkatan hidup berumahtangga akan dapat dinikmati? 

 Diriwayatkan dalam sebuah kisah, seorang lelaki datang menemui Hasan bin Ali RA (cucu Rasulullah SAW) untuk meminta nasihat.  
“Anak perempuanku dipinang oleh beberapa  orang lelaki.  
Dengan lelaki yang bagaimanakah yang layak dikahwinkan  
dengan puteriku?”  

Hasan menjawab, 
“Kahwinkanlah dia dengan lelaki yang bertakwa kepada Allah, kerana jika ia menyukai isterinya ia pasti mengasihinya"


Hayatilah firman Allah SWT  yang bermaksud:  “Dan 

kahwinkanlah orangorang bujang (lelaki dan perempuan) dari 

kalangan kamu, dan orang-orang yang soleh dari hamba-hamba 

kamu, lelaki mahupun perempuan.  Jika mereka miskin, Allah

 akan memberikan kekayaan  kepada mereka dengan limpah 

 kurniaan-Nya, kerana Allah Maha Luas rahmat-Nya lagi Maha

 Mengetahui”.  (an-Nur: 32)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Tomatox by Tony Moly
Just bought this online from Baby Face shop from G-Market.
Direct from Korea. A fast delivery from the shoppers =)
They even gave me 2 samples of Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack
as a free gift

Etude House - Happy Essential Foam Collagen (RM29.90)
Suitable for dry skin - bcoz my skin a little bit dry.
Just bought it from Etude House booth at Alamanda

Another range of Happy Essential Foam from Etude House

Garnier BB Cream and Guardian Nose Strip


Garnier BB Cream (RM16.90) - It's a bit oily and not suitable for those who have the oily face.

Guardian Nose Strip (RM9.90 for 10 sheets/box) - Not recommended sbb dye lgsg x tarik even satu pon whitehead/blackhead.
Better beli je kat Daiso!!