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Viva Mall

Belanja Tka n adek Tka Chatime 
The internal view of Viva Mall Anyway, Viva Mall is suitable for those yg nak beli furnitures.. haha bosannnnn..

And we ended up at Jusco Maluri  Went to Ellianto booth and bought this,


On 23rd of November 2012, I’ve stop working from my current workplace. Yeay, what else to say. I really wanted to put on my resignation just 2-3 weeks ago anyway. Having RM1.2k (after deducted to EPF) in a month to live in KL is just not enough. If it was, then you don’t have the saving. Your salary will just flow to ur foods, personal care, hp’s bill, house rental and petrol. I don’t have any saving by my 3 months working over there because my money was spent to the house’s deposit :’(
But then, I got one interview to attend at Sumikawa Sdn Bhd. I think I’ll just give it a try. The company located at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. If the basic is 1.4k then I’ll passed. HAHAHAHA. The HR keep calling me when will I come.. I get annoyed that time because I really don’t have much time bcoz that time im still working. Now, I am free so why not we try loh..
So anyone who got any job that is 2k and above gimme a call.. hahahaha.. or anyone whom wanted to let me to look after your shop, call me …

Salam Maal Hijrah 1434

To all Muslims, lets hijr to be a better person for the dunya and akhirah..

My Convocation Day

My convocation was held on 3rd November 2012 where I am officially graduated from GMI as a Diploma holder. Anyway, this is the 18th convocation German Malaysian Institute held since it was first established on 1992.
There is so much thing I need to go through on that day.  Where I depart from home late at 7.45am. My *&#$ sis took a wrong phone where she wrongly switched my phone with her's!!  I dont have any pin with me to tidy up my convo dress. Thanx a lot Afiq for providing me the needles :')I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO BE CALLED ON THE STAGE!! THE HECK WAS THAT =,=I EVEN REVERSED ON THE STAGE HAHAHA..MY NAME ON SCREEN TURNED OUT TO BE NUR HANUN HAMIDAH . IT SHUD BE NUR HANUN HAMIZAH!! okay it doesnt matter anyway T__T

My bestie, Amirah Raihanah
Favourite TTO, Sir Roslan. Favourite sbb dye ajar best n paham..
Man na amek gamba ngan aq tbe2 sume cbok nak nyelit. Oh ok..
Afiq Asyraff na bergambo jap.. ceyh da mcm flower girl pulop :P

Tyme ni tgh bergmbar dgn Afiq, then tbe2 Ms …

Instagram on Web Profile

Instagram has already published its web profiles. So people, you can access Instagram through your lappy/desktop. YEAYYY!!!
Come here and follow me at hanunhamizah91 ;)

Produk A-DHA

More details about the A-DHA skincare product
Bau best..
Henset pon kene ada baju gak
Tudung tengah utk ari convo
Ni 3 pasang RM45. Sepasang RM20. So beli yg murah2 je.. beli kat Vincci pon asek cabut je.. Harga mahal tapak nipis kat Vincci tu x berbaloi..
RM120 Chloe handbag Henbeg len sume da koyak.. Gila sedih :'(

Produk A-DHA ni.. aku beli online and of course utk muka an.. Beli na putih an and serikan muka balik.. Sebab skrg kulit muka mcm xbest je..
Len kedai len harga.. Aku dapat RM130 including postage fee