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Makeup Update

I just love that Matte Berry 03 lipstick color <3 Yang laen beli sbb tgh offer :P *lipgloss as a freegift*

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Fever Black RM9.90/RM10.90
' IN2IT Eyebrow Liner with Eyebrow Mascara in Gold color RM19.90

Left: Applying IN2IT Eyebrow Mascara and Essence Eyeliner

Timetable Changed

This morning, I've checked on my timetable again and I get a lil bit of surprise attackwhen my timetable was totally changed from the previous one. I knew that my timetable was changed because of my English subject.. hurmm.. just because of that subject I need to do 'sesi berkenalan' with new classmates. Durhhhhhhh~ hate it.
Well, whatever it is, I just need to be ready. I am going to class to gain knowledge not to gain weight, anyway. What?! =/

Student Again?

After 2 weeks running through the study atmosphere at British Malaysian Institute, I get along with it, Alhamdulillah. At first, I was too shocked with the environment and the learn process. But now I know, Im no more a Diploma student at German Malaysian Institute. Trying to accept a new environment so that I can get used to it. Insyallah Boleh!! :P

Quran & Sains Modern FYI, BMI is a bit Islamic compared to other Unikl.

I have never like Mathematics before, but I think I just fall in love with this subject, Engineering Mathematics 3~

To Give Up

I was almost to give up in studying and wanted to quit *(padahal baru masuk 2 mggu) I was afraid that I can't make it. It is tough, real tough anyway~ Ya Allah, please lend me some strength.  I need YOU by my side, always n forever.

Study for the sake of  knowledge.parents.future.jihad

Orientation Week British Malaysian Institute

I am now a student of British Malaysian Institute (BMI) taking Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Electrical. 3 years to go yeayyyyyyy~ (after credit transferred )

Yes, I swear that I keep comparing GMI and BMI very much.. =,=

See, once again I compared BMI and GMI. haha..  whatever..

Raspberry Cheesecake (Non Bake)


Goodies Bag

Calendar, wrapping paper, tin box, artificial flower 

Niat dihati dah lama na beli hadiah untuk kengkawan tp bila berduet trus lupa na bli. So aku ke Kaison, Paradigm Mall beli ler pembalut hadiah and buat sndri paper bag tu.. Pembalut hadiah kat kaison ni mmg murah, 1pc RM0.50, ada yg RM0.90 dye nye kerts ala2 plastik..

Dalam tu aku letak tin box, hehe.. xde la mahal sgt pon, berguna gak na buh pin2 tudung.. tu je mampu sbb skang ni da pokai.. :')