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Shopping for EID 1434H

Ana Abu Located at Section 7, Shah Alam
 Total damage at Ana Abu RM135 I bought 1 hot pink top by Mizz Demeanor  1 tiffany blue kimono cardigan 4 wide cotton shawls
Then, we went to Sincerely by Us Boutique Located at Padang Jawa.  Beside Section 7, Shah Alam. Crowded hokeyh.. Adek2 ku sahaja yg shopping.. Gwa jd tukang komen..
Total damage RM180  3 chiffon fishtail tops 1 lycra skirt 1 make up bag 1 knit wear top 3 shawls  Black glitter studded top tu hak milik adek wa.. Nyesal x beli.. lawa gilosss..
This one we went to Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Best place to shop anyway ;D
Thanx Mr Fiance bagi wang belanja and mak pon bg wang belanja utk ank dya ni.. hihi.. Da kerja pon mak bg dwet lg.. X kawen lg an.. Hujung tahun da kawen da.. Insyallah..

It's Wondermilk Again

I remembered last 3 years, I went here for the first time with Amirah Raihanah and Raihana Che Malik and tasted some of their cupcakes which for me.. Sorry to say, cupcake dya x umpphh.. and tooooo sweetttt though. I can even bite the sugar in their cupcake.. So, here I am again at Wondermilk after that 3 years but with 2 diff. person which is my 2 sis..

Just had some pleasure coffee time at Wondermilk, Uptown Damansara last Wednesday. Went there to purchase some of their cute money packet, RM1/set of 6 pieces. Then also not to forget to taste out their Kopi Cap Rusa with RM10/bottle.

 Money packets by Wondermilk 

Biskut Nestum Cheesecake

Actually, aku tahu asal usul kek ni dari seorg tuan rumah yg aku sewa tahun lepas. Dya bg kek ni kat ktorg rasa. Terbang dari Sabah. Tapi aku tgk dya nye jenis byk liquid.. kandungan cheese n susu dya pekat sgt. 
Then aku search, dya nye resipi guna biskut salted cheese. Mcm resipi skrg byk guna deluxe biscuit tu.. tp yg rare tu biskut salted cheese susah na cari .. haha.. plg terbaek mak aku beli biskut sayur.. pon boleeeeeee!!!
Xtaw la asal usul apa.. tapi aku pggl KEK BATIK NESTUM CHEESE. Sebab procedure cam wat kek batik tu.. xtaw asal usul dr mana.. tahun lepas aq search mcm asal dr Sabah Sarawak gitu.. da lama da wujud tp la ni je baru dok peymes..
Kalo guna kraker cheese tu lapisan kek mmg cantek habaq hang.. da mcm kek Mille Crepe by Vanilla da :P Tapi biskut tu kak semenanjung memey susah na cari..

Inilah biskutnyaaaaaaaaaaaa~

Cala Qisya

http://www.calaqisya.comClick on the image above to go to their website
Just to tell u guys, usually items on their website x update and sold out.  All items are limited pieces. So xde la rmai pkai bju sama hahaha..
2013 new ranges Tertarik lak tgk Jubah Ara diorang tu ble tgk dpn mata..  Tgk kat website mcm biasa ble tgk dpn CANTEK!!
Then tgk price RM299. Haha.. Bye.. harga pon na dkt sama dgn baju tunang ritu.. :P
Pergi sana pon xde la na target baju dya. Sebab baju raya pon da ada.. Adek ajak g pon sbb na grab some of their signature Maggie Shawls.

Suasana dalam kedai. Nmpak cam x rmai.. tp sbnrnya rmai.. Last year pergi lengang gila bak hang.. mcm na test baju pon senang.. tahun ni rmai gila..
With the youngest sista
Ni je yg di grab pon.. total pon da RM115..

Well the shop is located at Shah Alam Section 7. Area Jakel Shah Alam tu. Tp kedai dya deret yg blkg sana.. haha.. xtaw na ckp sbb x susah pon na cari bg yg pnah dok shah alam.. Bg yg x familiar ngn area shah alam, cari je l…

Unfortunate yet Fortunate

Last week, just went to Setia City Mall with Mr Fiance to watch Lone Ranger. Unfortunately the ticket was sold out. So, I took him to Charles & Keith boutique to do some shopping for the hantaran list <3

I bought one handbag and one purse. The new arrival bag just came in fellas. Check it out.. I love my handbag because it is big hehe <3
We had some tea break at Secret Recipe and the cakes always be TOO SWEET.  Seriously I need to drink a lot of mineral water.. guhhh.. 
On Monday, the parcels from Hijab Cotton (instashop: hijabcotton) and Bella Ammara received with super happy mood lol.. See that glitter shawl? The material is from cotton viscose which is super comfy. It is thin and not like pashmina.. woohoo~ Actually I received this 2 shawls by winning 2 vouchers from Hijab Cotton on their giveaway contest. They're actually randomly choose anyone from their followers.  Alhamdulillah I've been chosen hehe..