Saturday, August 31, 2013

My First Booth


Since last week I've been too busy as I'm running my first booth and doing my first event. Well it just for 3 days only. I paid the fees to earn the experiences. Eventhough rmai ckp x pulang modal, sebab sewa dya agak mahal gak. Tapi usaha gak na bukak, so I proposed this booth to my ex-schoolmates, Nik and my colleague, Aishah. So we shared lo the booth..

Let just the pictures tell u guys the story behind it yahh ;D

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Styliesta Fiesta Event

Just nak inform u guys, that I'll open my booth at this event.
Im selling wide cotton shawl, colored jeans and obuse candy lip tint.

This event actually is MSU's final year student project.
So by not wasting any chance, I book their booth and search out any partner yg sudi na sharing
so xde la tanggung sorg2 bayaran.. hee ;)

I tend to join just because it is my passion to be a seller.
This is my first step to join into business field.
Though Im working in business doing company and sell their product.
Tapi tu x best coz we doesnt meet up our client..

Anyway my shop can be found via this link,

Anyone yang nak interested to join nak buka booth,
do contact then a.s.a.p!!
Sebab nexy week da langsung acaranya..

I'm sharing my booth with my school's friend, Nik Aqlima. She'll sell her chiffon shawl and also her aunt akan jual jubah. You guys can check out her website Jubah by Newreey.

Also some preloved items from Aishah Azmi.. my colleague from my office ;)

Hope this step will be full of barakah.
Also those yg beli from us,
Each item, RM1 akan kami donate ke Syrian..
We care, we love and we share..

Of course all of these ideas came from me.
Insyallah, first step kongsi dgn kawan booth,
Esok lusa mana taw ada kedai sendiri :)
*Dari umo 6 tahun impikan bisnes sndri*

See u there!!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Buffet Ramadhan di IKEA 2013

Last week my colleagues and I went to IKEA, Mutiara Damansara on 30th of July 2013 
to enjoy some of their Ramadhan Buffet.
Counter open at 6 pm.

 Salmon is my favourite dish.
But this salmon for me it is too overcooked and I can't taste the sense of fresh meat.

Left: Lely
Right: Erica