Thursday, September 12, 2013

Saya Jual

Dulu masa kecik bercita2 buka perniagaan sendiri.
Then masuk belajar bidang engineering..
and then baru taw diri ni cannot fit into this kind of field..
I keep forcing myself to love engineering field..
But one day I realise that I am not born to be as an ENGINEER :)

So now I am working as a Sales Executive in Oil and Gas field.
A pressure environment keep surrounding me when doing sales.
I told myself to keep patience
Now, I am here as a full time sales executive and a part time seller..

I believed working UNDER someone will never makes u richer.
But be someone that HIRING people will makes u richer :)

Well  I am just a part timer seller.
For a time being, I am selling  Obuse Candy Liptint, Colored Jeans for both skinny and straight cut and custom made wide cotton shawl.