Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hantaran List


1. Wedding Ring
2. Wallet + belt + Parfum set ( set wallet I beli utk dya sempena setahun berkenalan.. ouchh hehe)
3. Prayer Mat + Al Quran
4. Samsung Tab 3   ( Da seap maen da hahaha.. top up ckit kat cik abg ni na bli Tab 3 tergedik2.. hehe)
5. Jubah


1. Wedding Ring + Bracelet
2. Prayer Veil + Prayer Mat
3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
4. Makeup set
5. Body Parfum+ Body wash Body Shop set (tbe2 mcm na beli Victoria Secret plak) =,='
6. Handbag
7. Mas Kahwin

Alhamdulillah, duet hantaran dya da berjaya kumpul. Bole bayar duet katering yg mahal gilax tuh.. :D

Monday, October 21, 2013

Step to Wedding Day

It's been a longggggggggggg time since my last update. Muahaha.. I am more into Instagram now teehee.. By handling 2 Instagram accounts and my wedding stuff, I dont have enough time to get my self to post a new entry huhu =,=

Next week I'll be going to make an appointment with a doctor for HIV test with my lovely Mr Fiance. Aisehhh.. now just left to deal with the JAIS and some small thing to do like to spread my wedding card, hantaran and wedding dress fitting. Alhamdulillah, everything is going all fine.

Just to share with u all, when stepping into your wedding day, please do some research and compare the prices. Your weekend will always be a busy day because you need to work out your bone to do some shopping for your big day. Yes, my after work life is always full of ideas and planning. Get yourself a small notebook and a pen with u all the time. Do some checklist okeh. Keep the receipts that you've expensed to the thing you've bought for ur big day. Wedding card? You dun need to order 1000 pieces. 500-700 is enough. More tips will be updated soon..

As usual, I'll attach some photos for my entry ;)