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Introduction to CIMB Wealth Advisor - Unit Trust

CIMB Wealth Advisors was incorporated in 1990 and has since then grown into one of the largest retail distribution arms in the financial services industry with a dynamic sales force of about 4600 FiMM (formerly known as FMUTM) registered consultants and financial planners.

CIMB Wealth Advisors offers investment and financial planning advisory services through the distribution of best of breed mutual funds and other innovative products across asset classes from reputable fund houses. We create value for customers through our work value of “forward thinking”. We do this by being able to anticipate customer investment needs with the best selection of innovative products and professional advice. Our philosophy is to create value for our customers; to enable our people to be true professional advisors; and to have integrity to speak and act honestly and sincerely to allow our customers to entrust their business to us. 

CIMB Wealth Advisors is a subsidiary of CIMB Group, housed under Group A…

New Job

Getting another job when I really have a thing that I love to do? My husband says "Yang, amek je la gaji pon tggi dr abg mana aci.. mana ada diploma gaji mcm tu. CWA tu bwat la part time ok. Kumpul pengalaman dlu kerja.. nnt pas da setahun ke setahun setengah ke berhenti pastu na bwat CWA tu bwat la ok.."
Oh my.. dont know how to say. Speechless. I pray I will never get this job. But then the Director called me, "Hanun congratulations. You're accepted to be one of our employee. Your position as Associate Researcher..bla bla bla.."
Nothing much to say. Alhamdulillah. I even cried not because Im happy kakkaa.. I cried because I am confuse. There is a thing Allah wants me to see and experience it. Thanks Allah for the opportunity.
I'll be reporting on 31st March. Thank you Allah. You're the greatest.

Wedding of H&M

Pada tanggal 21 December 2013 pada jam yg aq sendiri kurg pasti, Aq dinikahkan dirumah manis rumah. Sesungguhnya perasaan aku tyme tu xde rasa apa2 even dup dap dup dap pon xde. Why eh?! =/ Cuma 1 aq risau, risau kat c hubby kesayangan ku tyme dya akad sbb aq taw dya jnis kelam kabut. hehe.. Tu dok tgk jer dya tyme akad tu dya ni ok ke idok.. But Alhamdulillah everything is going fine dgn sekali lafaz. lol..

Wedding card created by my lovely high school friend, Ateq

Pelamin by Azmah Ahmad Wedding Deco  Katering provide pelamin sbnrnya, tapi aku xnak sbb taw pelamin katering bwat mmg x up to date :P
Bilik pengantin hanya dihias dengan cadar baru, bantal Mr&Mrs and bunga lavender
My high school friends. Ni rombongan pertama yg sampai. Tyme ni da pakai baju sanding da.. even x bersanding na gak ckp baju sanding. Baju sanding dgn baju nikah  lelaki+perempuan tempah.  Jahit dgn c Mariam tailor kt seksyen 7 shah alam. Dya ni jahit mmg kemas then labuci ke manik nnt ada pondan yg akan b…