Friday, April 25, 2014

Prayers and Trustworhty


Allah loves those who believed to Him. Though your prayers may take sometime to be fulfill. But TRUST someday He will. To make your prayers being fulfill by Him quickly, we need to put Him as our priority. Sometimes Allah doesn't fulfill our prayers because of He knows it is bad for you , second, He wants to test your sabr, third He wants to hear your prayers often with the most pious heart and lastly He has something better for you later on. Keep the positivity towards Allah. Be patience and keep faith with Him.

Last February, my husband and I unfortunately had a great financial problem. We didn't even eligible to receive BR1M that we're hoping so. Our salary drained hard because on that time we need to paid for this and that.. I cried hard and asked Allah, "Why you did this to us? Help us.. I really need You" . I was so sad and even with a bit anger towards my self.. and then at the end of the month, guess what Allah gave a rezeki to my husband where he received his bonus. Alhamdulillah :')

On March, I quit from my job after a year I've been there and seeking for a new job. Hubby always like "Ayg kerja la cpt.. duduk rumah lama2 nnt jd malas" . He always seem like so worried. During that time, I started to join CIMB Wealth Advisor. At first, I joined for a full time basis but then in 3rd week of March, on Friday, I received a call from my future boss that I was offered to the job and need to start working on 1st April. After the conversations, I cried not because I was being offered it is because "I got a job already and need to work" . hahah.. actually I want to focus my CWA job because I just fall in love with it.

My husband always said to me, "Why did after marriage our financial became worst?" I always said to my husband, everything that he gave to me is a sadaqah. He reserved pahala for every single sadaqah for all this time. Allah will paid him back for every little things. He keep silence and think and he even calculated his monthly financial. Then, on April his company get an awards and his boss add some bonus for the employees monthly salary. There is always a rezeki for those that married. Just be patience. Allah knows the best when is the best time for Him to shower his servants with rezeki (sustenance).

When I feel desperately need money instead of asking my husband to lend me pocket money (He actually provided me for RM500 for this month of April. I feel bad everytime Im asking him for money). I zikir and dua whenever am I (especially while driving and after solah) and cried because I really need Allah's help. And then, once I reached home, my mom lend me RM20 because someone bought my stuff. And then tomorrow, I able to get 1 customer again. Alhamdulillah. My colleague somehow treat me on lunch. Oh my, what a wonderful Allah.

The last story that I want to tell you guys, was occurred last year. I decided to apply easy loan from RHB but unfortunately I wasnt able to do so. I really need that because I feel guilty using my parents money in order to get marry. I need 6k on that time. The officer said I am not qualified. I was really down and cried.. yes Im a cry baby. Easily to burst my tears out. I was soooo damn stress and sad. I asked Allah for His help. You know what Allah had given to me? He gave me a rezeki where I able to closed 8 deals in a one event (on my previous job) and the total remuneration was almost RM6k. Ya Allah, see how wonderful Allah is.

That is why, the most powerful doa is when we cried with the mosttttt pious heart. Thanked Him, anytime and everywhere. I feel blessed. Thank you Allah. 

Menangislah ketika berdoa. Air mata lahirnya dari hati yang ikhlas. Allah heard you my dear Muslims and Muslimah :')

Sunday, April 20, 2014


My expectations and my aim for few years later. Tapi kereta Insyallah akan dibeli dalam masa terdekat. Nak guna. Tapi kereta apa xtaw laa.. Kerja biasa2 kereta biasa2 ja la mampu pakai haha.. tp gambar kene letak gambar kereta idaman sbb kasi bakar ckit semangat.. if dpt kereta perodua pon ok janji auto. Den x mampu na bw kete manual da ni..

Rumah lak aq x nak letak besar haha.. sbb aq x berani tggl dlm rumah yg besar sbb rumah besar ni kos lg tggi.. bia properties kecik tp byk.. bilalah boleh dpt rumah sendiri. Kene doa dkt Allah swt banyak2.. moga Dia perkenankan..

Lastly, savings for future retirement. Inflation rate as we grew older must be really high. So I should plan for my retirement saving plan from now.. menangis tgk minyak dan brg2 yang makin mahal. Skrg ni pon pening tgk harga melambung ini kan pulak waktu tua kita..

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hukum Pelaburan Saham

Hukum melabur adalah HARUS

2 Syarat Melabur dalam pelaburan saham.

1. Kita tahu apakah produk/sumber perniagaan yang 


2. Hendaklah produk/sumber tersebut halal.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Road To Millionaire

Kemaen glamour title i ollssss.. Haha.. Mcm seminar2 jutawan yg Azizan Osman conducted. Yep, mmg kebanyakan yg business minded people will always love to join this kind of seminar. Aku actually g training class ni sbb na tambah ilmu since nnt Insyallah kalo Computerised Unit Trust Examination (CUTE) lulus so aku layak ler jadi Unit Trust Consultant. Masuk pon sebab quite interesting. Menjadi Perancang Kewangan utk diri sendiri dan juga orang2 lain..

Aku start masuk kelas bagai bulan March ritu. Waktu aku menganggur hehe.. So mmg nekad na teruskan even part time pon. License aq 10th May 2014. Berbalik kepada kelas Road To Miliionaire (RTM) dikendalikan oleh self made millionaire, Pn Emma Hussin. She is totally awesome mmg. Gaya2 ckp mmg gedik gtu.. tp lawak + sempoi.. Cara penyampaian yg senang paham dan x mengantuk.

RTM yg aku pergi ni da kali ke-8. Conducted on 13/4/2014 di CWA, Seremban 2. Memang time mula2 aku na start join UTC ni aku pelik tgk org2 dya pahal terlebih ceria. Ko ni xde keje ke since tyme aq ari rabu. Lama2 aq paham.. dan aq x heran kalo derang bole banyak duit dgn join CWA ni sbb gaji berasaskan YOU WORK YOU GET!!! Gaji berasakan commission. Yep, aq penah keje tmpt yg ada buat commission mmg gaji sedap bila ko dpt commission tu tp nak approach client ni bukan perkara mudah.

So no wonder aq tgk derang ni happy and senyum je slalu sbb derang kene tanam sifat tu since derang approach client face to face bila da set appointment tu. Even kene tebal muka utk buat sales depan2.. Yep. Berniaga. Thats it. Nothing you can say. Memang kene tawakal dan usaha serta sentiasa doa kepada Allah dikurniakan client2 utk memperoleh rezeki. Memasang niat yang baik. Mmg berniaga ni suatu perkara yg aq bole ckp serah diri kepada Allah. Sebab sesungguhnya Allah yang menggerakkan rezeki kita ke arah kita berada. 

Bayangkan dalam class tu Emma dpt jd Millionaire dlm usia yg sgt muda. Aq adore dya bkn sbb dya kaya.. tp usaha dia dan niat dia na membantu keluarga dya yg mmg sgt susah.. akhirnya dikurniakan Allah dgn rezeki melimpah ruah..

Aku ni penyegan ckit bab-bab sales ni. Nak jumpa depan2 face to face Masyallah melilau... xde keyakinan. Aq ni jenis x mesra sgt kalo org aq x kenal.. Sbb tu skrg aq belajar ckit2 utk jd mesra dan easily adapt to new environment. Insyallah..

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Either Study or Work?

A hectic day. Since I already passed my Introduction Week. So lets get your ass off the chair. After a month of no job routine. I became a temporary housewife. Last week, I received an offer from Emerson on my second day of work and getting excited of it and once I reached home, directly told my husband. Then hubby said "Yang, nak ke keje oil and gas? Keje skrg pon dah ok da seap relax2 lg.. keje oil and gas kan byk kerja.." - I was thinking and whatever he said is true because I want to focus to my CWA at the same time also.

Then I decided to email the respective person and declined the offer. A little bit of regret but I promise to myself to work well on my current job and gain more experience so that I can get a valuable and precious experience more than those fresh grads. Yes, I agreed to pursue degree is a sunnah because the intention is to get the higher knowledge. But you can also gain the knowledge by the other steps. There is always multiple choice for you to choose from. Either from Plan A, Plan B or Plan C.

Allah has created me this way. He put me in a good and manner plan. I asked for unlimited rezeki from Allah. Maybe this is it. Keep faith in praying to Allah. Allah loves when His servants seek for His help. Never stop praying. He heard you in every prayers. Allahuakbar. Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah.

Below I put on my daily schedule throughout the week. Just created the schedule to ease my daily task at office so I wont forget.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Mengapa Perlu Melabur Dalam Unit Amanah?


Anda seorang pekerja firma Swasta merancang untuk bersara pada umur 55 tahun. Anda hanya bergantung kepada wang simpanan KWSP sahaja apabila telah bersara nanti. (Andaikan tiada langsung hutang setelah anda bersara)

Andaikan umur anda sekarang adalah 25 tahun. Ini bermakna anda ada tempoh selama 30 tahun untuk buat simpanan sebelum bersara bukan? Berapakah anggaran wang simpanan KWSP yang bakal anda dapat setelah bersara pada umur 55 tahun nanti? Anggarkan wang simpanan KWSP yang bakal anda dapat nanti adalah RM 200,000? 

Adakah kita tahu sampai bila jangka hayat hidup kita? Tidak pasti bukan? Andaikan jangka hayat hidup hingga usia 75 tahun? Ini bermakna setelah bersara nanti anda hanya bergantung dengan wang simpanan KWSP sebanyak RM 200,000 selama 20 tahun?

Anda merancang untuk bersara pada umur 55 tahun

20 Tahun = RM 200,000
1 Tahun = RM 10,000 (RM 200,000/20 Tahun)
1 Bulan = RM 833.33 (RM 10,000/12 Bulan)

Adakah nilai wang RM 800 sebulan mencukupi setelah anda bersara nanti? Bagaimanakah pula dengan kos sara hidup, hutang, kesan Inflasi setelah bersara nanti?

Tahukah anda simpanan Akaun 1 KWSP hanya boleh dikeluarkan:

I. Umur 55 Tahun
II. Kematian
III. Pelaburan Amanah Saham, Unit Amanah, Unit Trust, Mutual Fund

Melabur Akaun 1 KWSP dalam Unit Amanah


Pengeluaran ini membolehkan ahli mengeluarkan sebahagian simpanan Akaun 1 untuk membuat pelaburan bagi menambah dan meningkatkan simpanan persaraan untuk menyara kehidupan semasa persaraan.

Ahli boleh melaburkan simpanan tidak melebihi 20% daripada jumlah yang melebihi Simpanan Asas dalam Akaun 1 melalui Institusi Pengurusan Dana (IPD) yang diluluskan oleh Kementerian Kewangan.

Kelayakan Memohon

1. a) Warganegara Malaysia; ATAU
b) Warganegara Malaysia yang telah membuat pengeluaran di bawah Pengeluaran Meninggalkan Negara sebelum 1 Ogos 1995 dan kemudian memilih untuk mencarum semula dengan KWSP; ATAU
C) Bukan warganegara Malaysia:

*Menjadi ahli sebelum 1 Ogos 1998; ATAU
*Mendapat taraf Penduduk Tetap (PR)

2. Ahli belum mencapai umur 55 tahun pada tarikh permohonan diterima oleh KWSP, DAN

3. Ahli mempunyai simpanan Akaun 1 yang melebihi jumlah simpanan asas sekurang-kurangnya sebanyak RM 5,000.

Simpanan Asas adalah satu jumlah simpanan dalam Akaun 1 yang ditetapkan mengikut umur bagi membolehkan ahli memperoleh simpanan minimum sekurang-kurangnya RM 196,800 ketika berumur 55 tahun dan simpanan ini tidak boleh dikeluarkan sebelum ahli mencapai umur 55 tahun.

I) Semua pelaburan yang dibuat hendaklah melalui IPD yang diluluskan oleh Kementerian Kewangan.

II) Pelaburan boleh dibuat setiap tiga bulan selepas tarikh pelaburan sebelumnya, tertakluk kepada baki yang ditetapkan di dalam Akaun 1.

III) Pelaburan dibenarkan dengan satu IPD pada satu masa.

IV) Anda tidak dibenarkan membuat pelaburan tambahan menggunakan wang sendiri.

V) Anda bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya ke atas pelaburan anda.

VI) Tiada bayaran perkhidmatan dikenakan oleh KWSP.

Bagaimanakah untuk mengetahui simpanan yang layak untuk dilaburkan?

Anda boleh merujuk jadual di bawah untuk mendapatkan contoh pengiraan simpanan yang layak untuk dilaburkan.

Jadual menunjukkan jumlah simpanan asas dalam Akaun 1 KWSP mengikut umur: (Berkuatkuasa 1 Januari 2014)

Contoh pengiraan pelaburan melalui KWSP

Situasi 1

Anda berumur 25 tahun dan jumlah yang ada di dalam Akaun 1 anda ialah RM 20,000.

Cara pengiraan

(Baki Akaun 1 - Simpanan Asas) x 20%
RM 20,000 - RM 13,000 = RM 7,000
RM 7,000 x 20% = RM 1,400


Anda layak untuk mengeluarkan wang dari simpanan KWSP anda. Jumlah yang layak dikeluarkan adalah minimum RM 1,000 dan maksimum RM 1,400.

Situasi 2

Anda berumur 25 tahun dan jumlah yang ada di dalam Akaun 1 anda ialah RM 15,000.

Cara pengiraan

(Baki Akaun 1 - Simpanan Asas) x 20%
RM 15,000 - RM 13,000 = RM 2,000
RM 2,000 x 20% = RM 400


Anda tidak layak untuk mengeluarkan wang dari simpanan KWSP anda disebabkan baki minimum untuk pelaburan adalah RM 1,000.

Sumber: Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP)

P/S: Jom gandakan simpanan Akaun 1 KWSP anda di tempat yang kalis Inflasi! Waktu terbaik untuk merancang simpanan adalah pada 30 tahun yang lepas. Waktu kedua terbaik untuk merancang simpanan adalah dari sekarang. Rancang pelan persaraan anda dari sekarang. Menyimpan ketika muda untuk hari tua lebih selesa. Berminat?

Sila hubungi saya di nombor
014 7337 647 - Hanun (UNIT TRUST CONSULTANT)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Job and Doa

Yes, I have involved in sales before this but that one is onto oil and gas field. I already quit that job because it made my life stressful with the fucking shit operation site behaviour. Well you will never get exposed and grow with that kind of company. Enough of being cool and accepted all those bullshit excuses. As we know sales is where we need to approach the client to buy our product. Sales is not an easy think that you can imagine. Well then because of my love in business area I opened my online shop where you can find it at Facebook and Instagram. But usually I updated all the items and stocks at instagram. I offered the customer the best price.

Thanks to Allah for giving myself an idea to opened the business online shop. That is where I gained my extra income. Not too much but then it is quite good enough laa.. Maybe I was born onto business site rather than engineering. Maybe Allah put me at GMI so that I can met my current husband hee love you abg <3

Right now, I am still on going to be one of the Unit Trust Consultant. Waiting for my license examination requirement. I need to passed so then I'll be authorised agent of the CIMB Principal. We provide you an Islamic Investment (potential return of 10-15%), Will (Wasiat), Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) and Takaful. I am also a fulltime worker as a Associate Researcher. Alhamdulillah for having this opportunity.
It's a job where I need to assist the consultants to lighten their burden. Well, of course you will start from the below before you manage to get on the top position. I can say that the salary is quite good with allowances that they provides me every month. Since it is located at Solaris Mont Kiara, so it wont be a big deal for me to get there.

I never regret for being good to people around me because I believed Allah has a very good plan for me. So people, please be good to one another. Dont be such a bullshit okeyh. Do not be a backstabber!!!! Do not talk shit!!!! Being shit to others will be paid cash by Allah sooner. Help people out there, Sadaqah, doa until you wanna cry because it is where your sincerity to have something Insyallah will be discharged by Allah. Just believe and be faith with Him. Allah is the Almighty. He heard His servants dua. Just please dont stop on dua. Keep on and put all your heart to your dua. Allah loves that. Allah loves the sincerity from the purest heart of someone's dua.

That is all from me today. Goodbye :)