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Prayers and Trustworhty


Allah loves those who believed to Him. Though your prayers may take sometime to be fulfill. But TRUST someday He will. To make your prayers being fulfill by Him quickly, we need to put Him as our priority. Sometimes Allah doesn't fulfill our prayers because of He knows it is bad for you , second, He wants to test your sabr, third He wants to hear your prayers often with the most pious heart and lastly He has something better for you later on. Keep the positivity towards Allah. Be patience and keep faith with Him.

Last February, my husband and I unfortunately had a great financial problem. We didn't even eligible to receive BR1M that we're hoping so. Our salary drained hard because on that time we need to paid for this and that.. I cried hard and asked Allah, "Why you did this to us? Help us.. I really need You" . I was so sad and even with a bit anger towards my self.. and then at the end of the month, guess what Allah gave a rezeki to my husband where he received his bonus. Alhamdulillah :')

On March, I quit from my job after a year I've been there and seeking for a new job. Hubby always like "Ayg kerja la cpt.. duduk rumah lama2 nnt jd malas" . He always seem like so worried. During that time, I started to join CIMB Wealth Advisor. At first, I joined for a full time basis but then in 3rd week of March, on Friday, I received a call from my future boss that I was offered to the job and need to start working on 1st April. After the conversations, I cried not because I was being offered it is because "I got a job already and need to work" . hahah.. actually I want to focus my CWA job because I just fall in love with it.

My husband always said to me, "Why did after marriage our financial became worst?" I always said to my husband, everything that he gave to me is a sadaqah. He reserved pahala for every single sadaqah for all this time. Allah will paid him back for every little things. He keep silence and think and he even calculated his monthly financial. Then, on April his company get an awards and his boss add some bonus for the employees monthly salary. There is always a rezeki for those that married. Just be patience. Allah knows the best when is the best time for Him to shower his servants with rezeki (sustenance).

When I feel desperately need money instead of asking my husband to lend me pocket money (He actually provided me for RM500 for this month of April. I feel bad everytime Im asking him for money). I zikir and dua whenever am I (especially while driving and after solah) and cried because I really need Allah's help. And then, once I reached home, my mom lend me RM20 because someone bought my stuff. And then tomorrow, I able to get 1 customer again. Alhamdulillah. My colleague somehow treat me on lunch. Oh my, what a wonderful Allah.

The last story that I want to tell you guys, was occurred last year. I decided to apply easy loan from RHB but unfortunately I wasnt able to do so. I really need that because I feel guilty using my parents money in order to get marry. I need 6k on that time. The officer said I am not qualified. I was really down and cried.. yes Im a cry baby. Easily to burst my tears out. I was soooo damn stress and sad. I asked Allah for His help. You know what Allah had given to me? He gave me a rezeki where I able to closed 8 deals in a one event (on my previous job) and the total remuneration was almost RM6k. Ya Allah, see how wonderful Allah is.

That is why, the most powerful doa is when we cried with the mosttttt pious heart. Thanked Him, anytime and everywhere. I feel blessed. Thank you Allah. 

Menangislah ketika berdoa. Air mata lahirnya dari hati yang ikhlas. Allah heard you my dear Muslims and Muslimah :')


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