CUTE Tutorial Class

Wednesday, 7th May 2014. I went to Malacca to attend the tutorial class before sitting the CUTE (Computerisation Unit Trust Exam). My first planned was to travel alone. Means that I'll be heading to Malacca right after office work hours. After that, I called my husband to tell him that I'll be leaving at 7.30 pm. I intentionally said to him, whether he wanted to join me to Malacca. Yep, I knew that he'll be off to his workplace on 11pm. From the conversations we had, he seems worried to let me alone driving to Malacca. He asked me  to tag with my mom, my sis which they're also not available on that time. Then I said, it is okay for me to drive there. It is not too far (at least for me ;P ) . Then the conversations ended.

So, I decided to move to Malacca. When I was about to lock the glass door, my husband called me. I answered it (definitely). Then, I guess you ollss know what is the answer. He decided to accompany me to Malacca and he is taking an emergency leave. Hihi.. love you hubby. It was only a short trip. But I was happy to be with him. I meant the only 2 of us together. This is the first trip I ever went together with him. Yep, we haven't go for our honeymoon yet. Sobbbsss :'(

We had out breakfast here at mamak's. 

Anyway, it was the best time for me. I  just need him only. Back to the topic, the tutorial class was actually on 8th May, started at 9.30 am and ended at 3.20 pm. We stayed at the hotel for 1 night only. Alhamdulillah the tutorial class was quite fast and easy to understand. Thanks Ms Adelyn.

Me with his sengal face ;P


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