Ahmad & Co : Coffee & Cigar

Ahmad & Co located at The Strand, Kota Damansara. Open everyday from 10am to 11 pm. But only on Friday opening hours started on 3pm ; after Friday prayers. The restaurant was just beside the Rakshee's restaurant. Check their Instagram: AHMADANDCO for the address. Landmark: Encorp Strand Mall.

The carbonara was actually good while the coffee Im not sure about the taste coz I dont drink coffee. Well its not that I dont drink coffee at all. As long as the coffee has the milk then I can drink. I dont dare myself to drink coffee at night because Im afraid that I cant sleep eventhough the caffeine amount is little. Tee hee.. I ordered the hot chocolate instead and it taste like a normal chocolate drink :P

I think they should diversify their menu to attract more customers. But still the ambience and the deco is nice ;) I actually took a lot of photos in the cafe. Haha.. ok adios.


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