Dubu Dubu, One Utama

Back on 25th January 2015, me and my sibs went to the Dubu Dubu Restaurant at One Utama where they serves the Korean cuisine. Well to be honest Im not really into korean dishes. So I decided to follow my sistah because she wanted to treat us buahaha..

I have went to Bulgogi Brothers previously but still I cant say its good because Korean taste is so not me. Below some picture of the foods we ordered on that day. We orderd 4 meals and 4 drink and it cost us RM150.00++ ; including taxes etc

 Teopokki - I only love this dish

 This is what I chose on that day; Pajeon. The taste actully like a cucur udang

Jjigae - something like stew and serve with rice and some side dishes. the taste is sooo sooo..


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