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Nourain Skincare

Nourain skincare ni aq first pakai last year January 2014. Time tu pk sbb da kawen and kalo bole nak apply skincare yg ada kelulusan KKM and made in Malaysia bukan nyer skincare yg rebranding je.. So tawakal je la pakai Nourain. Time ni mmg skincare ni x berapa naek sgt..
Alhamdulillah sampai skrg aq pakai and kulit aq lembap je. Sebab kulit aq ni jenis kering lately. Nourain ni mmg x menggelupas dan for me Nourain ni TAK MEMUTIHKAN. Tp bole la kot takat na ilangkan sunburn je.. hehe.. Kalo kulit gelap tbe2 nak jadi mat saleh aduh payah tu.. 
Bab harga tu mmg affordable. Aq slalu beli exclusive set, memang tahan 5 months . JIMAT sgt!!!! Tp kadang2 penggunaan day cream terlalu kerap tahan la dlm 4 bulan je. Tp sabun cuci muka dya tu mmg kene beli 2-3 kali. Sebab sabun dia cpt cair. Mungkin sbb kandungan olive oil and other natural ingredients yg buat dya cpt je cair.. Kalo terkena air mmg tggl cenonet ler sabun tu. So better letak tmpt yg jauh ckit dr kene air shower kat bilik air tu.


New cafe, new place to hangout. Kopimeo was just opened their cafe around April 2015. Located at Section 9, Shah Alam. Beside the 99 Speedmart. The space is quite small and have limited seats for customer. But still the setting of the cafe is nice and the waiter is also friendly.
Talking about the menu, Kopimeo provided us limited selection of menus. So you dont have to bother yourself which one to choose :P  I tasted their Ravioli (fillings: cheese and spinach) , my first time eating the ravioli and surprisingly it is GOOD!! I love the combinations of spinach and cheese!! Been craving for that again.

 Ravioli with cheese and spinach  - RM15


Foodsbury provides you western course. Located at Section 9, Shah Alam. Well to be honest, the foods here failed to satisfied my taste bud. I ordered the sirloin steak cost me RM19.90 but the portions is so small. The meat itself was too dry and it is soooo thin. The sad part was they only put 1 slice of broccoli. Lol.. If you're hungry, bet you will not fulfill your hungriness. But fortunately, their famous Almond Salted Caramel was really good. It is a crepe layered cake topped with almond salted caramel.
By the way, if you think you wanted to drop by here, you can go to their Instagram profile @foodsbury for more info.

Fiqs Gastronomy

Fiqs Gastronomy taken from his owner's name, Syafiq. Located at SS19 Subang Jaya. The parking area is quite limited. You will need to use Waze in order to reach here haahahahahah especially to those not familiar with Subang Jaya area.
This is the place that I have been craving for the few months. That, I dont know who can I ask to accompany me for the lunch. Because Im on leave on that day. So I asked my ex classmate from GMI to have a lunch together here. Just thinking that she just moved in Shah Alam, so why not to bring her to some places. Haha.. Actually I was afraid to drive a car with a pregnant lady sitting besides me =,= Im thinking too much perhaps haha.. 
Alhamdulillah, everything was going smoothly. She just popped out already the last 2 weeks ++ Actually this was taken back on December 2014,  been keeping for the few months in my draft list. Punya malas ko nak update!! Me? Baby? Coming soon Insyallah. Allah grant me the great test because He knows Im strong enough and…

Twenty & Co.

Twenty & Co was located at Plaza Azalea building, Section 14, Shah Alam. If you want to enjoy some coffee and delicious food, you can come over to this place to have the taste, I recommended their Crunchy Carbonara Meatball because the portion is big and it is creamy yet tasty. Yep, the price was quite pricey but to compare to the portion that they serve is fair enough.
The deco itself is nice and you can park your car either inside the building (paid parking) or outside.  Been here for the 2nd time and fro the both times when I requested for the Lasagna, they told us it's sold out =/   Is it sold out or they just didnt make it. It is only 1.30 pm meh =,=

 The view from the outside. The parking area is quite spacious and just beside the CIMB Bank

 Paying counter/cake counter
 Nachos and Cheese - RM16
I forgot the name but I dont think so its Red Velvet - RM13-RM15
 Crunchy Carbonara Meatball - RM25
Twenty Special Grilled Burger - RM22