Fiqs Gastronomy

Fiqs Gastronomy taken from his owner's name, Syafiq. Located at SS19 Subang Jaya. The parking area is quite limited. You will need to use Waze in order to reach here haahahahahah especially to those not familiar with Subang Jaya area.

This is the place that I have been craving for the few months. That, I dont know who can I ask to accompany me for the lunch. Because Im on leave on that day. So I asked my ex classmate from GMI to have a lunch together here. Just thinking that she just moved in Shah Alam, so why not to bring her to some places. Haha.. Actually I was afraid to drive a car with a pregnant lady sitting besides me =,= Im thinking too much perhaps haha.. 

Alhamdulillah, everything was going smoothly. She just popped out already the last 2 weeks ++ Actually this was taken back on December 2014,  been keeping for the few months in my draft list. Punya malas ko nak update!! Me? Baby? Coming soon Insyallah. Allah grant me the great test because He knows Im strong enough and Insyallah He will bestow me the best gift of all. Believe in Allah rezq. Do not ask me when! Because you know that I cant answer you the exact date, day and time right?! I know it is quite exasperating when people keep asking but I dont really care. But sometimes I do care hahahaha.. rasa na bagi penumbuk je.. 

Right now Im searching for the place to conduct a small gathering (reunion) for my GMI-an friends. I've some few places and I think everyone can afford the place. Insyallah. But need to confirm back the date. Everyone is getting busy nowadays.

 The interior. See the signage? Muslim that need to perform the solah, can use the musollah that Fiqs provided =)

 I love this kind of chair and table. 

 Burger that I dont know what's the name. Eija ordered this and she said its good and she didnt need to eat rice afterwards because she is full for the whole day haha..

The chicken taste like a chicken of course. But the gravy seems a bit salty for me. But overall I am average with the taste. Im full, thanks.

 Deconstructed Cheese Cake perhaps, again forgot the actual name hahaha.. 
It doesnt taste like a cheese cake. Quite disappointed k bye.

Ok the end of the story. Let's have a break. It is already 2.30 am at the morning. Good night fella..


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