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Confinement Day

Well my confinement days only full with my mom's babbling at me. Haha.. she is kind of strict but me being the stubborn me refused to follow her rules.
But I still want to share my confinement experiences. I dont lose that kgs that much.. always get hungry after bf my little caliph 😅
Please enjoy the pictures..

I used Nona Roguy berpantang set. Bought from FB: Nona Roguy Ori. RM290 including postage and barut. 
Mandian herba.. hah mandilah ko..
My review for Nona Roguy:
PhytonatAl: I started to consume ths on my 20 days plus somethg.. because of Hamka got jaundice. Once u consume, mencicitlah ko mencarik tandas. Selalunya memang belom sampai tandas, taik ko da tewas hahahahahah.. makan 1-2 biji pon mmg dah ok. Mmg ok utk elak sembelit..
Akar Herbanika (teh): hurmm.. x minat minum2 teh bancuh2 ni haha.. bye..
Minyak Herbanika: Ok best. I put some oils on the pad. Sapu2 lah kat perot.. best berangin..
Herbanika Lulur: Scrub badan time mandi. Mmg rasa bersih.. best i loike..
Herbanika Barut: …

Little Caliph

Alhamdulillah, our little caliph has born to this world.
Fresh from oven 😜
Name: Hamka El Rafif Weight: 3.13kg Date: 5th October 2016 Time: 6.32am Delivery: Normal