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Confinement Day
written on Tuesday, November 08, 2016 @ 2:13 AM ✈

Well my confinement days only full with my mom's babbling at me. Haha.. she is kind of strict but me being the stubborn me refused to follow her rules.

But I still want to share my confinement experiences. I dont lose that kgs that much.. always get hungry after bf my little caliph 😅

Please enjoy the pictures..

I used Nona Roguy berpantang set. Bought from FB: Nona Roguy Ori. RM290 including postage and barut. 

Mandian herba.. hah mandilah ko..

My review for Nona Roguy:

PhytonatAl: I started to consume ths on my 20 days plus somethg.. because of Hamka got jaundice. Once u consume, mencicitlah ko mencarik tandas. Selalunya memang belom sampai tandas, taik ko da tewas hahahahahah.. makan 1-2 biji pon mmg dah ok. Mmg ok utk elak sembelit..

Akar Herbanika (teh): hurmm.. x minat minum2 teh bancuh2 ni haha.. bye..

Minyak Herbanika: Ok best. I put some oils on the pad. Sapu2 lah kat perot.. best berangin..

Herbanika Lulur: Scrub badan time mandi. Mmg rasa bersih.. best i loike..

Herbanika Barut: Ni pon best tp mcm x rasa kempis pon perot.. mgkn aq x strict sgt kot 😢

Apa lagi tah dalam tu x igt dah.. sekian terima kasih..

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